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Here's to you!

It's New Year's Eve, that night which we all anticipate throughout the entire holiday season. I always imagine the most romanticized version of New Year's Eve, and then that ideal is shattered by reality. But this year will be different!! We are having people over instead of going out or just watching TV by ourselves. It should be fantastic. Even more exciting than that, it's the night before we begin a new decade. These kinds of transitions are extremely powerful. We usher in the new year full of hope and bursting with dreams. We are steadfast in our willingness to improve ourselves.

And this year, I am most passionate about a single goal, to share the history of the amazing, powerful, revolution-effecting women who came before us, that made our lives possible, that fought for our equality with whatever means and whatever voice each one of them had. My mission for 2020 is to use my voice to honor them and to further their dreams of equality and education through this blog and podcast. My spirit guide, Mary Wollstonecraft, will be the first we discuss in this podcast, but her type is what it's all about. She was smart, hopeful, and fiery, and her vision, her insight is exactly the kind I want to embody this year. I am hopeful that my zeal and enthusiasm for improving the plight of women will inspire you similarly and that we can embark on a shared journey of discovery and inspiration that will lead us to smart, effective action!

So, on this New Year's Eve, here's to's to everything you are, everything you have been, and everything you will become. Here's to you joining me as we forge a path for women to tread after us. Here's to you finding inspiration and hope in the trying times we're experiencing. Here's to you and me doing everything we can to improve gender and sexual equality in today's world by making thoughtful, intentioned, purposeful steps after learning from our past.

And here's to you, finding your place. Woman's place, after all, is wherever she wants to be.

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